Hand Inkjet Printer

Hand Inkjet Printer
Hand Inkjet Printer



FOB Port:Ningbo/Shanghai

Terms of Payment:T/T


Product Description

Handheld Printer Inkjet / Pipe Marking Inkjet / Handheld Portable Ink Jet Coding Machine



1, International design, imported core components and consumables.
2, IP54 protection grade, steady performance under poor working condition.
3, 300DPI high definition.
4, Modularized ink cartridge and print-head.
5, 5-inch touch screen operation system.
6, Upgrade system freely during lifetime.
7, Built-in graphics editor, editing LOGO easily.

Product Description

   Model       K3
   Specification      1.2 kg weight 
   DPI     600DPI
   Print speed     70 metres /minute at 300dpi horizontal resolution
   Printing length     no linitation on length
   Printing date     Variable date like expiry date, production date, lot numberand operator information,   inmage        logo , barcode , etc.
   Printable height    2~12.7mm
   Language     Chinese, English
   Interface     3.5 inch high-definition 1080p
   Printing Material       Carton, Stone, Pipe, Cable, Metal, Plastic, Fruit, Electronics, Automotives Parts
    Port     USB, RS232, Photoelectric interface
    Barcode     UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8 /128, INT25, CODE39 / 128, PDF417, DATAMATRIX, QR
   Battery     Standard 1pc rechargeable battery with large capacity; DC16.8 lithium battery, rated capacity 2680 MAh, lifetime:>500 cycle number, stand-by time:>20H, Continuous Printing Time:>8H
  Working condition      Temperature:  0-45 degree; Humidity  :10%-80%



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