Manual Date Code Printer

Manual Date Code Printer
Manual Date Code Printer


Model:Hand Ribbon Printer

FOB Port:Ningbo/Shanghai

Terms of Payment:T/T


Product Description

Product Description
1. Ribbon Code Printer HP-241S is a kind of code printer that using thermal printing belt instead of ink print to print on any soft package materials.
2. Mainly used on different plain plastic packing bag plain paper box, label paper without labeling, packing for soft drinks and etc for code printing before packing.
3. Heat coding machines can produce superior printing quality and do not need desiccation, the letters are clear and not easy to be scratched off. It is healthful and clean.
4. it is instead of the ink printing ribbon, used to print the name of factor, trademark, date and batch no. 
5. Advanced design of structure, high quality and easy to maintain.
6. It's widely used in food, hardware, chemicals, electronic, etc.This model special for small shop, drugstore, supermarket and so on. 
7. Using Chinese 3C certified components. Really efficient and stable.
8. Customize: OEM and ODM available.
9. Certificate: ISO9001, CE.

Model HP-241S
Voltage AC110-220V/60-50Hz
Power 100W
Printing lines Word size1-3line
Words sample English, Arabi, Numbers
Speed 20-120pcs/min
Dimension 240*240*140mm
Gross weight 2.8kg



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