Portable Vacuum Packing Machine

Portable Vacuum Packing Machine
Portable Vacuum Packing Machine


Model:Household Vacuum Packing Machine

FOB Port:Ningbo/Shanghai

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Product Description

Portable Vacuum Packing Machine


DZ-320 household vacuum sealer is a small vacuum machine which can be used for mini vacuum packing of food in family or supermarket to protect foods from going bad. Function to keep freshness. It has the advantage of small size, simple structure and operation. 


1. Excellent vacuum extraction performance.

2. Small in size, simple in structure, easy to use.

3. Silent design.Continuous operation without noise , low power and low decibel. 

4. Suitable for dry and wet goods.


Model DZ-320
Power supply 220V AC  /  110V AC
Vacuum -0.075~0.08MPa
Sealing width 3mm
Sealing length 320mm
Machine size 385*155*125mm
Machine weight 1.65kg

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