Automatic Adhesive Tape Carton Sealer

Automatic Adhesive Tape Carton Sealer
Automatic Adhesive Tape Carton Sealer


Model:Automatic Carton Sealing Machine

FOB Port:Ningbo/Shanghai

Terms of Payment:T/T


Product Description

INTRODUCTION OF KUNBA FJ-6050A carton sealing machine

carton sealing machine adopts the adhesive tape to seal the carton. It is fast and easy to adjust. It can finish the action of the upper and down sealing in one time. It can also use the printing adhesive tape to improve the product image. It is the first choice for the automatic packaging enterprises. The key part of the sealing machine is the drive motor, the larger the motor power is better. Light and durable. easy to operate.Tape carton sealing machine is mainly applied to carton packaging, can stand operational results, but also with supporting the use of pipeline, widely used in household machinery. textiles, foodstuffs, department stores,pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry. Carton sealing machine is affixed to the tape sealed cardboard box seal, fast and easy to adjust the economy, can be completed on a up and down sealing action, adopt the printing tape, but also improve product image.


Product Description
1. Left-right driven carton sealing machine FJ-6050A can seal all kind of cartons and boxes. According to carton size, width and height manually adjustable.
2. The machine equipped with blade guards to prevent accidental operation stabbed.
3. Simple operation, can also be used with automated packaging lines.
4. The four conveyors belt bearing can load more heavier, more smoothly. it can supply more energy, so, the case of 40KG to 80KG can go through easily
5. To ensure the attaching is better than manual work, faster and higher efficiency.
6. It's widely used in food, hardware, chemicals, electronic, etc. This model special for small shop, drugstore, supermarket, factory and so on.  
7. Using Chinese 3C certified components. Really efficient and stable.
8. Customize: OEM and ODM available.
9. Certificate: ISO9001, CE.


Technology Parameters:

Model FJ-6050A
Voltage AC110-220v/60-50Hz
Power 330W
Conveyor speed 20.4m/min
Starting area Up-down sealing
Adhesive tape width 48-60mm
packing length More than 50mm
packing width 120-500mm
Packing height 120-600mm
Dimension 1160*1070*1260mm
Gross weight 230kg

201803231037325026858Other specification carton sealing machine also can be produced 


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