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Vacuum Packaging Process

The growing need to preserve food for long-term consumption necessitated for the development of better storage. Vacuum packaging has emerged as one of the most sought-after methods of food preservation. Vacuum packing machines have long acquired wide popularity for both industrial and home needs in food preservation. The vacuum sealers remove air from the food and sealing the package without any chemical preservative. This process not only elongates the shelf life of the food but also preserves their taste.

Vacuum packaging is a complex process that involves the following phases.

i) Air removal

This is the phase where the vacuum machine removes air from the food. It is undoubtedly the most distinctive aspect of vacuum packaging. By eliminating air in the food, the bacteria and other microorganisms in the food are denied of oxygen and hence a breeding ground. These microorganisms eventually die and hence the food is free can be agents of spoilage

ii) Gas addition

Some gases are added to the packaged food after the first phase. Injection of inert gases is crucial for a longer shelf life of the food. The amount of preservative largely depends on the type of food and the desired period that the food is to remain on the shelves.

iii) Sealing

The sealing process entails wrapping the food in air-tight packages. These packages vary in size depending on the type of food and consumer preference.

iv) Aerating

In the last process, the vacuum packaging machines present some inert gas to the packaging bags for storage conditions.
Each of the above phases of vacuum packaging must be carefully met to assure food quality. Vacuum packaging has many advantages some of which includes the following.

i. Longer storage

Food products that have undergone vacuum packaging have a longer shelf life as compared to those who have experienced other forms of storage. Vacuum packaging is also friendly to a variety of food and beverages.

ii. Preservation of taste

Vacuum sealers can preserve food without for a longer time without losing its flavor. It is, therefore, the best option compared to other technologies like freezers where people complain of tasteless foods due to freezer burning especially in meat

iii. Vacuum sealers also provide an optimal packaging to a variety of foods.

The high-end technology used in vacuum packing ensures that the storage capabilities of the foods are satisfying.

iv. Best Preservation

Vacuum sealers have proven to allow zero contamination to the most delicate food that is store by vacuum packing machines.

v. Minimal product loss

Vacuum sealing has saved a lot of companies in increased bottom lines due to longer storage periods of the food products. As a result, many companies have been able to fully utilize their inventory without subjecting themselves to unnecessary and avoidable inventory loses.

vi. Quality Assurance

It is almost important for unscrupulous businesspeople to forge any food product successfully. The unique technique used in vacuum packing makes it almost impossible for any mischievous business conduct. This is advantageous not only for the consumer but also the owner of the food product.

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