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Understanding a Vacuum Sealer

Before purchasing any item, it is necessary to get all the information on what vacuum sealer is, how it works and where it can be applied. A vacuum sealer is a device that functions just like its name depicts: it vacuums and seals. As you may have seen in various advertisements, a vacuum sealer is mostly used for preserving food. However, it can also be used to store other non-food items such as important documents, drugs, and clothes among other industrial products. There are other important components of the vacuum packaging machine such as the sealer bags, which are used for filling the items to be preserved.


This is where the machine gets its name from but some people don’t understand why the use of ‘Vacuum’ in naming the packaging machine. A vacuum is a space that contains no air. The absence of air means that there is no oxygen. Food products often spoil when they get oxygenated. That means if oxygen is removed from the good, these shelf life could be extended. A vacuum sealer functions by taking away the air from food thereby assuring a longer last for the food or other items. The machine uses a simple suction principle to such the air out of the plastic bag.


After removing all the air from the bag, it has to be sealed to prevent the air from reentering or moving bag. The sealing process involves melting the top of the plastic bag (sealer bags) together to protect the food from the entry of any substance which includes the air. It is therefore vital to ensure that the right type of bags is used. Otherwise, the inappropriate kinds will melt all over creating a mess or fail to make a tight seal thus allowing air to come back. In many occasions, the vacuum sealers will come with their recommended bags and also include a guideline on where to obtain more when needed.

Types of vacuum sealers

Vacuum packaging machines are usually found in models meant for family kitchen use or larger units that are used for commercial kitchen and industrial purposes. The notable difference in sealer types is that there are those that are chamber units, and the non-chamber ones that are commonly referred to as external vacuum sealers. Both have different features that makes them excel in certain areas. Chamber units have the ability to seal liquids while the external ones lack that ability. That is why when using an external unit, it is advisable always to freeze the liquid products or moist items before they are vacuum sealed. External units utilize a vacuum channel to eject the air from the bags or the container used while the chamber vacuum uses a vacuum pump.

The purpose for purchasing a vacuum packing machine is the one that guides you on what type to acquire. After the buy, it is necessary to first go through the guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper handling and efficient functioning of the appliance.

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