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Selecting the best Type of Vacuum Sealer

Food preservation with vacuum sealer is achieved by getting rid of the air in which lots of bacterial thrives in. The best vacuum cleaner has several advantages, but the most important is that it lessens your grocery store expenses. When it comes to selecting the best type of vacuum sealer, various factors go to determining the perfect choice. The most important thing to look for in these machines are features that can help you maximize the advantages they offer. Here are some of the key things that you need to consider.

Type of Vacuum Sealer

Most of the people fail to understand that there are two types of vacuum sealers: external and chamber vacuum sealers, which can only be differentiated by their features. The external vacuum sealers are the most common in the market generally due to their affordability, availability, and the ease of use features that they come with. But the chamber vacuum sealer is also increasingly becoming popular due to key benefits such as the ability to control the level of the air suction of the machine. However, the working mechanism of the two machines or the principle of operation is the same. Here two types of vacuum packing machines and what makes them unique:

External Vacuum Sealer

As the name suggests, these machines vacuum seal the paper bag while it is placed on the table or any other surface. They are very simple in design and easy to use. That’s one of the key features that make these machines popular both for home and commercial use. However, due to their simplicity and more so their small size, these machines are widely used in the family kitchen. But for the external vacuum packaging machine for industrial use are designed differently and mostly bigger in order to get maximum advantage.

Due to its design, the family kitchen model is widely referred to as the table top models. That is because the machine does not come with a platform to place the paper bag and thus it can only be placed on the table, adjacent to the machine. Working with an external vacuum sealer is quite easy because it involves two steps only to have the food vacuum sealed.

  • The first step is to select the bag and put the food to be preserved into it. It is also important to ensure that you have let the open end part of the plastic bag. That is help ease the next process of removing the air out of the bag.
  • Put the bag in a vacuum packing machine, and it will suck the air of the plastic bag. Wait for the machine to lapse, and the machine will go off showing that it has already pulled the air out it. The time depends on the machine that you are working with and more so the power of the motor used in the making of the machine. The stronger the motors, the short the time and the more food to can vacuum seal in unit time.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

One of the biggest benefits of using this model of food vacuum packing machine is that it can vacuum seal a large number of bags at a time. That’s the reason why it is widely in the commercial purposes. The machine is widely used in the in the commercial kitchens and for the packing of consumer and industrial goods. You will find them in the departmental stores and food stores where large volumes of foods are a vacuum sealed.

As the name suggests, these machines come with a chamber where the bags are vacuum sealed. Therefore, you don’t need to a table to bags while vacuuming. Working with this machine is quite simple and takes 3 steps only:

  • Put the food into the paper bags and placed inside the chamber of the vacuum sealer
  • Pull down the hood, and the air sucking process will start immediately. Note that the inert gas in the machine helps you to control the level of air removal of the bag.
  • The food is ready for storage.

These are the main types of the vacuum packaging machines that you can get in the market. They have different features that make them unique. Note that each thrives the best in different conditions.

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