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Benefits of Vacuum Sealing

Since the 1940s, a vacuum sealer has been a perfect way of packaging food in various companies. Using a vacuum packing machine is an impeccable technique that prevents food spoilage as well as prolongs shelf life especially for the products that are transported across the globe. These machines usually work by the principle of preventing the growth of mold, bacteria and also by keeping food fresh.

Vacuum Packing machine varies in sizes, and the production level often determines its requirements. It is usually imperative to project your production levels before you purchase a vacuum packaging machine to save yourself frustration in the process. Another thing to consider is the gas flush that injects the inert gas into the sealed package to enhance the shelf life. Here are some of the benefits of a vacuum clear:

Inhibits growth of Bacteria

Today vacuum sealing is a reliable, economical and convenient way of preserving, protecting and storing food in various households. A vacuum sealer primarily inhibits the growth of fungus, mold, and bacteria such as thermophiles, psychrotrophs, mesophiles, and psychrophiles. Most of these bacteria are obligate meaning they require oxygen for reproduction and metabolism. A vacuum packaging machine will deprive oxygen of these organisms which in turn will halt their circle of growth. Oxygen deprivation will also have the same effect on fungal spores and mold.

Prevents Dehydration and Freezer Burn

A vacuum packing machine seals food effectively protecting them from dehydration and freezer burn. The sealed bag keeps food away from contact with the air while preserving the moisture content inside the package. Freezer burn usually occurs when the water inside food sublimates. The ice crystal inside melts down, and then the water vapor gets drawn up in the surface of the food where it can freeze again or vapor away to the surrounding. Although freezer burn is not dangerous, it negatively affects the texture and taste of the food. Freezer burned meat is, for instance, bland, cottony and flavorless. Foods that have been sealed well are usually rich in flavor and tender.

Enhance food shelf life

A study indicates vacuum sealing enhances product shelf life in more percentage. The key to this increment is the ideal packing atmosphere that is created during the packaging. Inert gases are introduced, and the levels of oxygen are reduced to an ideal level. The proper packaging also protects the products from the freezer burn which in turn enhance the shelf life.

Prevents external contamination

A vacuum bag measures about 3 mm to 8 mm in thickness. This means with proper vacuum sealing it protects the products from moisture, dust, insects and other external elements that can contaminate the food products.

No use of chemicals

Another benefit of using a vacuum packaging is that it requires no chemical preservatives. It reduces the oxygen level in every package by introducing the inert gas that makes products to last longer without any preservative. Nitrogen gas is commonly used inert gas in the vacuum packaging.

Improves product presentation

Apart from protection and prevention, vacuum packaging improves the presentation of the product. Using a vacuum sealer is an affordable way to package products that are shelf ready, and you can apply a custom printed sticker conveniently.

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